Beit Chana Activity Clubs

Ezer Mizion’s Beit Chana Activity Clubs provide supervision and constructive activity for children with special needs after school hours, during afternoons, weekends and holidays.  Click here for tributes and stories

Ezer Mizion runs eleven afternoon clubs in four cities in Israel, serving over two hundred children and teenagers with a wide range of disabilities, including developmental delays, Down’s syndrome, emotional disturbances (mild to severe), ADHD, cerebral palsy, blindness, mental retardation and autism. Many of these children are difficult to control and to keep happily occupied at home.

Activity club directors aim to utilize the children’s time productively and teach them positive social skills such as integrating within a group, developing positive relationships with others, completing tasks, following instructions, accepting constructive criticism, respect for authority, cooperation and helpfulness. The clubs are happy, vibrant places where the children love to be.

Dedicated one-on-one volunteer counselors shower the children with attention and personalized care, accompanying the children through the range of their activities. In addition to remedial sessions to keep the children up to par in their studies, children benefit from creative crafts, art, music and hydro therapy. Computer activities and gymboree are also part of the weekly schedule.

The children are returned home following supper in the early evening, satisfied, relaxed and ready for bed.

MATAN is Ezer Mizion’s after-school Activity Club serving CP teens and young adults. Located in Petach Tikvah, Matan welcomes disabled kids from all over central Israel with a fulfilling and fun program.