Sounds of the Soul

‏”Sounds of the Soul” – a musical project, the only one of its kind, geared for people with musical background who are eligible for the mental health Rehabilitation Package. The objective of this project is to help these people professionalize, enjoy joint creativity, and eventually integrate into the music industry, with all that involves from the professional, personal, and business aspects.

‏At the Center, individual and group work goes on under the direction of professionals in the area of mental health rehabilitation and in the music field. The daily program includes a range of subjects: composition, playing, writing, sound, processing, and presentation. The place carries the most advanced musical equipment, a wide variety of musical instruments, and first-class professional learning options. There are artist workshops once a week, personal projects, and group projects, including production of a disk and performances. The sounds that emerge from the heart penetrate the soul and heal it.