Sheltered Work Facility

‏Sheltered work facility offers a rehabilitation program for people coping with mental illness by integrating them into the work world. The client joins the work force as an emplyee in the facility, while receiving personal, professional mentoring. At the facility, he has the chance to work at an interesting job that enables him to learn and advance, while being paid a rehabilitation stipend. The supportive work environment enables him to actualize the personal potential latent in everyone. A broad range of occupations are offered at the facility, such as electronics, wiring, and welding. At the same time, the clients join groups that prepare them to join the regular work force, participate in religious and social activities, and acquire a variety of skills. They learn how to interact socially, accept criticism, deal with a boss, get along with colleagues, interpret events, and such. The protected environment serves as an excellent springboard to work on the free market.