Roni Cohen

‘Roni and Bar’ was written on the wedding invitations. The marriage was to take place in September. That was before. Before Leukemia destroyed their every dream.

Roni had discovered small lesions on her face. Her neck muscles cramped, glands in her neck swelled, as did the roof of her mouth, and blue marks appeared on her legs. It didn’t look good and it was not long before the diagnosis was confirmed.   

“This can’t be,” cried Bar. “Not now! Not when we were about to marry.”

“There’s hope,” the doctor said. “A stem cell transplant will cure her, Bar. Your bride will be as good as new. We just need a genetic match for her. Someone of Yemenite extraction.”

And so the search is on. So far no one on the database is a match but a drive will be held Sunday, August 19.

“Someone will match. I’m sure of it! It has to happen!” Bar is optimistic and hoping to print new wedding invitations soon.

Each new registrant will be tested. The cost of each test is $50. Click here  to enable Roni and Bar to stand under the wedding canopy…together as man and wife.

Click here for a list of testing stations in Israel

If you are of Yemenite or Moroccan descent, between 18-50 years old and have never registered in any bone marrow registry, you can receive a cheek swab kit be tested by emailing with your name and address.

Roni’s Fiance, Bar, shares the following note:

Roni Cohen is my future wife and a month ago our lives turned over.

One ordinary morning Roni did not feel well, so we went to the emergency room. At noon we were informed that she had leukemia and by evening she was already undergoing chemotherapy.

On September 19th she’s supposed to become my wife, if I can save her.

The only way to save her life is by finding a suitable donor for a bone marrow transplant.

About a week ago we received the bitter news that no matches have been found for her in Israeli or international registries.

If that news was not not enough, the doctors say that if no donor is found in the coming month, the story of the love of my life will end at the age of 27.

And as you understand, I had no intention of this happening.

So, along with Roni’s family, my love, and a lot of friends, Ezer Mizion is planning a national campaign to find the donor who will save her life.

On August 19, Ezer Mizion will host drives across Israel. The goal is to reach the eyes and hearts of as many people as possible, especially those with a combination of Yemenites and Moroccans genetics.

Do you know anyone in Israel of Yemenite and Moroccan descent, or Yemenites and North African descent? Tag them! They can be the one to save Ronnie!

Want to save Roni’s life? Donate now to help fund bone marrow Drive. The cost of one genetic test is $50 USD.

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