Lottie’s Kitchen 2015 Event

LK-LAWN-SIGN1The highpoint of the summer! Rina and Eli Cohen hosted the all-day Lottie’s Kitchen event in their magnificent home in Deal, NJ. From early morning on, crowds converged on their massive lawn awaiting their turn at the ever-popular  Portraits by Susan Menashe. 

The Cohen kitchen did not stop buzzing with professional food demonstrations, the height of elegant cuisine.  Presenters included Lottie Bildirici, owner of Running on Veggies, Poopa Dweck, author of Aromas of Alleppo, Claudia Bildirici of Claudia at Home, Rachel Pahuskin, Sophia Cohen, Sarah Hanan and Brenda Kairy and Chef Solomon Flatow of the Institute of Culinary Education. 

Bonnie Mansour added a touch of spirituality with her always-on-target  remarks.  The Lottie’s Kitchen Bakery, the Kitchen Boutique and the Chinese Auction topped off a “dream day” for over 2,000 of the Syrian community.

The annual event funds Lottie’s Kitchen in Israel which provides meals for those dealing with serious illness.