Senior Support

Social Clubs provide a framework whereby the senior can create and maintain relationships with people of similar interest. The Gardening Club, The Walking Club are just two of the choices available to the golden-ager.

Home Repair Patrol provides repair service ranging from changing a light bulb to roof repair thus enabling the senior to live comfortably and safely in his own home.

Project Homecoming provides support  to the senior with no relatives living nearby who is unable to manage his normal routine upon being released from the hospital.

Generation to Generation  is an innovative which nurtures relationships and fosters understanding between young people and the elderly, while alleviating the isolation and loneliness often experienced by the aged.

Fulfilling A Dream  offers the elderly the opportunity to choose an event they wish to experience, something they can look forward to. Ezer Mizion receives requests from social workers or family members of lonely, disabled, elderly people throughout Israel. After reviewing the requests, Ezer Mizion coordinates the logistics of making these dreams come true.

Telelink Centers train volunteers  toinitiate and maintain regular telephone contact with lonely, homebound elderly individuals, developing warm, personal relationships with them by conversing and showing a sincere interest in their wellbeing.