Alzheimer Support – Tzipporah Fried Center

Ezer Mizion’s Tzipporah Fried Alzheimer Support Center was recently inaugurated. The center’s goals are to raise public awareness throughout the community about Alzheimer’s disease, to provide advocacy, ongoing support and individual intervention with patients and their families.

Tzipporah Fried Alzheimer Support Center recently initiated a training program for volunteers who work with Alzheimer’s patients who are living at home. The volunteers work on maintaining Alzheimer’s patients’ functioning and daily living skills. This significantly upgrades quality of life for the seniors and their families.

In order to further ease the hardship of these families and augment their support system, the Tzipporah Fried Alzheimer Center offers fully confidential counseling and ongoing personal guidance to families of Alzheimer’s patients, including advocacy and active follow-up.

Establishment of the Alzheimer center was initiated and generously sponsored by Mrs. Jackie Fried, in memory of her late mother.

For further information on services available for Alzheimer’s patients contact Ezer Mizion’s Tzipporah Fried Alzheimer Support Center at 03-614-4540.