Coronavirus Updates

How else Ezer Mizion is making a difference……

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Israel’s early, aggressive response to the Corona virus has resulted in fewer positive cases than many other countries in the world. Still, over one hundred Corona patients across the country are on respirators. The special communication devices prepared by Ezer Mizion’s Augmentative and Alternative Communication Center, normally used for the speech-impaired, have been distributed to medical centers around the country. Along with the familiar space suit and strict protection, the medical staff enters Corona patient rooms with these highly effective devices to help patients communicate with the staff despite their inability to speak.

Senior Care

Asa’el lost his mother and his three brothers in a horrible terrorist attack at their home in Itamar. He himself lost a leg. He could have been embittered about his situation, but, with great courage, he chose not to fall into that black hole, and instead to devote himself to giving. It began with his volunteering to purchase medications for an elderly couple and snowballed into his joining the 12,000 Ezer Mizion Linked to Life volunteers who are providing such vital services during the crisis of delivering hot meals, groceries, supplies and medicine to seniors and quarantined patients in the area. “I absorbed the great dedication and giving from my mother. This is carrying on her legacy of giving.” What can we say? A real hero who loves making life better!

Special Children

The pre-school clubs for high-functioning, respite care and so many other services are now curtailed but that doesn’t stop us. The Counseling Center for parental support is like a breath of fresh air for the parents who are forced to spend long unstructured hours with difficult children. Remote control learning clubs, regulation-compliant walks for the very difficult, kits to keep the kids occupied, coaches and mentors devising creative methods to make an unbearable situation not only bearable but fun.

Cancer Support Services

Lego workshops, balloon magic, crafts, music, petting zoo, parties, trips, so many therapeutic activities – all suspended. But our ties with families dealing with another medical battle – cancer – can never be suspended. The support staff finds every possible way to be “present” in the course of the brave cancer patients’ treatment and recovery process. Meir , the Lego Man, comes to the children’s homes and sends a hug from far. The volunteers constantly speak on video, and craft kits and games are sent out to occupy the children. The Petting Zoo has gone online, with filmed stories and live broadcasts from the site of the animals so beloved by the children. “My heart is burning from missing them so much! But just because we love them so, we’ll love them and call them and keep in touch — but only from far!”

Mental health

What do you do when a Mental Health Rehab client simply doesn’t have the strength to cook for Shabbat? The recipe was found! Every Friday, an Ezer Mizion mentor would come to her house and they’d cook together, chatting all the time and brightening the mood of the client and the entire family for Shabbat. Since the Corona virus outbreak, the physical visits had to stop, but the mentors found a creative way to continue their important work: The pots take their place on the stovetop, the ZOOM cameras are turned on, and together they set cooking challenges for each other, not allowing an iota of depression to enter either of their kitchens.

Linked To Life WhatsApp Volunteer Groups

Moriah, an IDF scout lookout somewhere out there on a Southern army base needed special medication. A call went out via Linked to Life.  Within one minute (!), a volunteer responded. And no, it wasn’t “on his way!” The incredible volunteer made a special 7.5 hour round trip drive to make sure Moriah got her medication!
Moriah: “I am in shock that a person should make such a long trip for a person he doesn’t even know and with no personal interest! It’s inconceivable!” Don’t you agree?


Even with the corona virus, the elderly, the disabled and the ill still need to get to clinics and other necessary medical appointments. Tremendous care is taken to keep these vulnerable individuals safe from the virus while transporting them to vital medical services. They may be dressed in protective gear but no mask can hide the caring in the eyes of our emergency medical technicians.