Collaborating with the IDF

To promote the growth of the Registry, Ezer Mizion in Israel signed an agreement with the IDF (Israel Defense Force) in 2005 where Ezer Mizion’s Registry will tissue type army recruits upon their induction into the Israeli army at age 18 and include them in our Donor Registry. As part of the lab work to be done on each sample, Ezer Mizion will provide the IDF with DNA classification for every recruit. This has long been an important need of the IDF which was never implemented on a broad scale due to its high cost.

The needs of the bone marrow registry and the needs of the IDF are a perfect match. Due to the wide range of ethnic groups found in the IDF and to the young age and good health of the recruits, this collaboration has brought about a vast increase in matches between potential bone marrow donors and cancer patients in need of a transplant, thus saving the lives of Jews throughout the world.