TLC for Sick Moms

When a mother is seriously ill, her family suffers tremendously. Not only is there no one to see to day-to-day household needs like shopping, cooking and laundry, but the mainstay of the family unit – the mother – is unable to provide the love and care that make a house into a home. The knowledge that there is no one caring for her family makes the frightful treatments and hospital stays even more of a nightmare for the mother. At a time when she should be focusing solely on her own well-being and recovery, she suffers emotional and mental anguish: Has my family eaten a decent meal all week? Are the children going to school with clean clothing? Is there anyone kissing them goodnight?

No one can replace a mother, but Ezer Mizion tries to do the next best thing. Ezer Mizion sends volunteers to the home to play with the children, do homework with them, bathe them, prepare meals, and fill in the many gaps normally filled by a mother.

Ezer Mizion also eases the pain and anguish of the mother herself by sending volunteers to visit her in the hospital and at home. These volunteers provide much-needed emotional support and friendship, and help the mother in any way possible.