Sponsor an Ambulance

Dedication of an Ambulance:
New Ambulance: $158,000

Ambulance Equipment:
Wheeled Stretcher:   $4,200

Ferno Chair for patient transport on stairs:  $1,000

First Aid Kit:  $700

Ambulance furnishings
Cabinets, seating:  $46,000

Lift – elevates wheelchair into ambulance:  $10,500

Life pack (electric shock, heart regulator, EKG):   $12,400

4 Year Maintenance Guarantee:   $13,300

Oxygen Tank and Accessories:   $550

One Day Ambulance Upkeep:  $400

One Week Ambulance Upkeep:  $2,200

One Month Ambulance Upkeep:  $9,300

Please contact us at 718-853-8400 or e-mail us for more information on how to make your dedication.

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