Thank You For the Privilege of Giving

“Dear Ezer Mizion,
I went out today to distribute food. I came to collect the packages and got a list. Third floor, fourth floor, etc. No elevators. Ah, occasionally there was a ground floor which for me, as an older volunteer, are the best.
Do I need to go up or do they come down? I tried to clarify.
Some of the groceries are for senior citizens. They can’t come down.
I set out. Up the stairs, down the stairs
Oh good! It’s ground floor, older corner house. A small front yard.
When Miriam saw that I’d come out of the car, she paused, edgy. “Who are you looking for? What family?” When I answered, she lit up and shouted, “That’s me! That’s me!”
I put the bags down next to her and quickly turned my head as I asked her how she was doing. I was afraid she’d see the tear rolling down my cheek.
There she was simply sitting outside and waiting for me to deliver her food. It was clear that if we had not dropped off food, she’d go without eating!
Unreal! How many tears I shed here today.
Today, the Jerusalem volunteers distributed hot meals to seniors in the Bucharian quarter and in Romema – about 230 homes!
Jerusalem: more than 400 requests for assistance handled today.
Add to that Southern Israel. Add Modi’in area
Add Northern Israel. Add Central Israel
How many? At least a couple of thousand requests responded to!!
A colossus of activity! There is nothing more to add! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the privilege of being part of Ezer Mizion’s chesed machine!”

* * * *

What if Ezer Mizion’s volunteers decided to stay home instead of helping? And what if you, our dedicated supporters, had not so generously partnered with Ezer Mizion? Miriam and so many others would have waited…and waited…finally returning home feeling disappointed, abandoned and hungry or without medications.

Ezer Mizion can never let this happen!!   

Ezer Mizion operates a massive chesed system in Israel, with multiple divisions dealing with some of the most urgent health and human services needs in the country. Serving nearly one million people annually, Ezer Mizion’s programs and services include a fleet of ambulances, hydrotherapy pools, meals for homebound patients and family in the hospitals, a state-of-the-art guest house for children and their families during treatments, an elder care division with a special program designed for Holocaust survivors, a division for children with special needs, a mental health division and more.

Ezer Mizion also has a volunteer force of over 30,000 individuals across Israel, connected through Ezer Mizion’s Linked-To-Life volunteer coordination system where most volunteer requests are filled within in minutes of the requests going out! Above is a letter from one of our volunteers to give a different perspective on Ezer Mizion’s chesed system: