A Special Purim

pr special Purim 2013Preparing for Purim with a special child home on vacation??! Impossible! Ezer Mizion volunteers took care of the problem with a trip to Jerusalem’s Bibical Zoo. One volunteer for each special child to be sure they had the absolutely bestest time ever.



Who Won?

A letter was sent to Ezer Mizion which really should have been mailed to each one of you! Read and enjoy. You made it happen!
pr special games andlife skills
What will they think of next?

Every day, the special children at Ezer Mizion’s Activity Clubs in Elad, like the Ezer Mizion Special Girls’ Clubs in various cities throughout Israel, enjoy a variety of enriching activities. Continue reading Who Won?


Just Incredible!

I want to thank from the depths of my heart for the special summer camp that my daughter Chana’leh was privileged to attend.

This is the first time that my daughter spent time away from home overnight.  I don’t even send her to my parents or my in-laws alone for Shabbat because I can’t bear to be separated from her.

And away from home at a ten-day overnight camp?!  I will not say that it was easy.  I visited three times and if not for my husband, I would have visited every day. . . What I saw moved me and excited me. . . Your organization is incredible.  The tremendous love that the children received, the many activities, the extraordinary volunteers, everything . . . .

My daughter returned happy and full of adventures. I am speechless. . . .

May you be blessed by the Almighty every single day,

With great admiration