Meals & Volunteers

Dear Ezer Mizion

Shalom U’verachah!

We greatly appreciate the assistance you gave us over the last few months – both the meals provided at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital and at Alyn Hospital, and the volunteers who came to take shifts with our dear grandson, Yosef Eliyahu Kahn, may Hashem send him a full and speedy recovery.

You helped us and continue to help us get through this difficult time.

May you merit many mitzvahs!


Simon and Shoshana Kahn



The Angels of Ezer Mizion

Dear Ezer Mizion

With heartfelt thanks and appreciation, I want to share my story with you. During the nine weeks that my dear mother a”h Miriam Malka Reiss bat Reb Yehoshua z”l was hospitalized at the Shaarei Zedek Hospital, the Ezer Mizion “angels” came through the ward every evening with a tea/coffee cart and brought a smile into the lives of the patients and their families.

Every day I received a meal or a sandwich courtesy of Ezer Mizion.

“Who is like you, Yisrael!”

Thank you so much, and may you continue your holy work.

 Wishing you a happy New Year,

Shaindy (Sheila) Zohn



Lottie’s Kitchen 2013

pr lk 2013 Laboz homeThe magnificent home of Adele and Jody Laboz in Deal, NJ was the site of a happening on July 11. Over 2000 women converged in support of Lottie’s Kitchen in Israel which provides meals for families dealing with serious illness.

Professional food demonstrations were presented by the foremost leaders in the world of cuisine such as Susan Shweky, Alice Adjmi, Geila Hocherman, renowned author of Kosher Revolution, the New Thinking about Kosher Cuisine, Florence Douek Chera,  founder of pr LK, Victoria Dwek and Leah Shapiro, celebrated authors of the Made Easy Cookbook series, Tammy Carmona Polatsek, well-known event designer for The Breaking Dawn and 2009 Oscars, and  the famed Joy Pierson & Chef Jorge PInede of Candle CafeContinue reading Lottie’s Kitchen 2013


Lottie’s Kitchen Event Coming Up

It was a stormy night. The wind howled, rain poured down. Inside it was quite stormy also. With nine kids, it often was. She was tired. The clock, her friend, smiled at her and reassured her that in one hour, the kids would be in bed and she could snuggle under her feathery quilt with a cup of tea and the book that had been waiting for her attention for days. Utter bliss after such a hectic day.  The cleanup could wait till tomorrow. pr LK 2013It wasn’t so bad. The laundry was all caught up. The kids had done the supper dishes. Miriam had even scrubbed the pot. She could head for bed with a clear conscience. Ahhh, heaven…

And then the phone rang. Continue reading Lottie’s Kitchen Event Coming Up



pr food Pesach 2013

Mention Passover anytime in March and every family member’s blood pressure goes up. Each year it seems to be an insurmountable task even though we managed the year before. But what if this year is different from all other years? What if this year the family is coping with serious illness? What if everyone is running back and forth to the hospital? What if they are emotionally drained by fear and worry? Continue reading Overwhelmed!


Bar Mitzvah Celebration

What exactly is a Bar Mitzvah? The Hamui family have it right. Isaac and Marilyn Hamui inaugurated their son, Albert's entrance to adulthood with a trip to Ezer Mizion's Lottie's Kitchen to help pack food for families dealing with serious illness. Now that is truly an appropriate Bar Mitzvah celebration!
What exactly is a Bar Mitzvah? The Hamui family have it right. Isaac and Marilyn Hamui inaugurated their son, Albert’s, entrance to adulthood with a trip to Ezer Mizion’s Lottie’s Kitchen to help pack food for families dealing with serious illness. Now that is truly an appropriate Bar Mitzvah celebration!



Like Magic Wand

To the wonderful volunteers of Ezer Mizion,

It is so fantastic that when a person is in distress, there are wonderful people who understand him, understand his needs

and his difficulties, and care about him. . . .

When the family members of a sick person are running around, confused, in pain, and worried, they totally ignore their daily needs.  Continue reading Like Magic Wand


When It is Impossible to Cook…

Over the last few months, I was privileged to become closely acquainted with the powerhouse of activity generated by the great chesed organization, “Ezer Mizion”.

Our family went through a difficult period of time, extending over the span of quite a few months, during which it was almost impossible for me to cook meals for my family. Continue reading When It is Impossible to Cook…