Because of You!

47 Lives Saved!

November 2019

Most ever transplants in one month!
47 transplants, 40 of these from donor pools
3,409 total transplants
(of theseת,2122 joined the registry as part of their induction to the IDF)

2019 monthly averages:
    34 transplants per month  

4,448 new members join each month

Transplant Countries
Argentina, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Romania,
Spain, Sweden, USA

Donor Pool Countries
Brazil, Canada, Israel, Mexico, USA Continue reading Because of You!


Because of You!

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APRIL 2019

BMR 4 1932 transplants, 24 from donor pools
3,170 total transplants (of these 1,914 from IDF recruits)
975,836 members in registry (of these 539,804 from IDF recruits)

Transplant Countries
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Italy,

Poland, Spain, Sweden, USA

Donor Pool Countries
Brazil, Canada, Israel, Mexico, USA Continue reading Because of You!


Because of You!

BMR 3 19March 2019

38 transplants, 31 from donor pools
3,138 total transplants (of these, 1,885 from IDF soldiers)
968,490 members in registry (of these, 532,358 from IDF soldiers)


Transplant Countries
Austria, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, USA

Donor Pool Countries
Brazil, Canada, Israel, UK, USA

Continue reading Because of You!


Ezer Mizion Bone Marrow Registry: Many of You Have Asked…

Does Ezer Mizion provide transplants to Israel residents only?


Ezer Mizion receives Search Requests from oncology clinics around the globe. DNA matching is based on ethnics. As the largest Jewish Registry in the world, Ezer Mizion is the natural address for an oncology clinic working with a Jewish patient in Europe, Russia, South Africa, South America, Australia, Canada and the US.

people helping people around globe
Ezer Mizion saves lives around the globe.


In April 2017, 14 of 31 transplants were done for Israeli residents and 17 for countries around the world including 6 in US and Canada.


Did the partnership with the IDF create any significant change in the success of finding DNA matches?


Due to IDF recruits being young and healthy, they remain on the database for decades, thus greatly increasing the chances of eventually being found to be a match for a patient. In addition, they come from highly varied backgrounds resulting in much increased representation among minority ethnic groups.


IDF celebratino 2016 b
IDF recruit being congratulated on his saving a life

In April 2017, 18 of the 21 transplants funded by donor pools are IDF recruits, some having been inducted and joined the registry just a few months ago.


How long, on the average, does it take for a new Bone Marrow Donor Pool to receive the at long awaited letter: You have saved a life!


There can, of course, be no guarantees. In April of 2017, 4 of the 21 transplants funded by donor pools were opened within the last half year.

Like to Partner with Ezer Mizion to Save Lives?


Ezer Mizion and The IDF: A Life-Saving Partnership

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Stem Cell Harvesting

In recent years, a bone marrow transplant has been proven to be the cure for a myriad of diseases.  Many forms of cancer including leukemia and lymphoma in addition to other diseases such as sickle cell anemia and SCID are only some of the life-threatening illnesses that have bowed to its power. Like penicillin, a bone marrow transplant can save lives. But unlike penicillin, it cannot simply be purchased at the local pharmacy.

WHY NOT? Continue reading Ezer Mizion and The IDF: A Life-Saving Partnership


Bags of Chessed

IDF celebration 2016 fCountless guests converged at the palatial home of President Rivlin and, the following day, upon the Hilton, Israel Ballroom to participate in the grand event celebrating the achievements of  Ezer Mizion’s International Bone Marrow Registry which has saved 2200 Jewish lives. Requests arrive regularly from 47 countries worldwide. Come join us on an emotional roller coaster as one speaker after another demonstrates the organization’s accomplishments. Continue reading Bags of Chessed


IDF Soldiers Honored By Greer Fay Cashman, Jerusalem Post/ Grapevine

pr bmr idf■ IN 1996, Moshe Schayek, a young man
desperate for a bone marrow transplant,
turned to Ezer Mizion in the hope of finding
a matching donor. Ezer Mizion’s Cancer
Support Division helped his family coordinate
a bone marrow drive, and the response
was amazing. Some 5,000 people lined up
in Jerusalem, wanting to help save his life.
Unfortunately, it was to no avail. No match
was found and Schayek died. But he left a
legacy that has enabled close to 10,000
other people in 48 countries around the
world to live. The search led to the establishment
in 1998 of Ezer Mizion’s International
Bone Marrow Donor Registry, which is
headed by Bracha Zisser.
As of August 1, 2016, the Registry has
grown to include 818,266 potential donors,
of whom 394,379 are IDF recruits who
joined the registry following a landmark
agreement between Ezer Mizion and the
Israel Defense Forces, whereby new recruits
routinely undergo testing as part of their
induction process.
On Sunday, September 19, in celebration
of the 10th anniversary of this collaborative
lifesaving effort between the IDF and Ezer
Mizion, 650 soldiers will receive Gift of Life
medals at a special ceremony at the President’s
Residence, in the presence of President
Reuven Rivlin, Hagai Toplansky, commander
of the IDF’s Personnel Directorate,
Brocha Zisser and Ezer Mizion founder Rabbi Chananya


Excellence on Two Counts

Staff Sergeant Lior Karchili, a fighter in the combat sweep-up unit, was chosen to receive the President’s Award of Excellence on Independence Day. But her excellence is not confined to her military achievements. Recently, she donated bone marrow to a cancer patient in order to save her life. pr bmr samples
Karchili (21) joined Ezer Mizion’s Bone International Bone Marrow Registry on the day of her induction to the IDF. About a half year ago, they informed her that she was found to be a match for a leukemia patient who needed a donation. Continue reading Excellence on Two Counts


From the Battlefield to Saving Lives

Over the last few months, we all discovered the tremendous power and strength of unity. Together, we were touched by our IDF soldiers’ dedication to saving lives.
The IDF soldiers display that same dedication on another front: by joining Ezer Mizion’s International Bone Marrow Donor Registry in the course of their chain of conscription at the Induction Center. Every soldier who joins the Registry expands its scope and increases the chances of saving the life of a patient in need of a transplant.
At a festive ceremony held recently to celebrate 500 life-saving transplants that took place thanks to soldiers’ stem cell donations, Defense Minister Moshe (Bugi) Ya’alon said: “Ezer Mizion personifies all that is good and noble in our lives. It leads a journey that is all about giving, saving life, and mutual responsibility. ‘All Jews are guarantors for one another.’ And of course, the IDF soldiers are guarantors for the safety of our country’s citizens, in whatever situation they are called upon to do so.”

Chief of Staff General Benny Gantz said at the ceremony: “The saying goes, ‘What you give is yours forever.’ I believe that a person’s ability to give of himself to someone other than himself is a gift that cannot be taken from him. Giving is something that remains forever. A person who is privileged to save a life always retains that feeling of fulfillment and tremendous joy. The IDF will continue, above all else, to focus on the goal of defending Israel and the Jewish nation.”
Ezer Mizion is responsible for the cost of lab testing and processing all the samples collected from IDF soldiers. For the New Year, Ezer Mizion has launched a campaign to raise the funds necessary for this important cause and for their other support services for patients and their families, under the slogan: “Contributing Together to Save Lives!”


On the Roller Coaster for Life

Koreh B’Kefar Veradim
July 30, 2014

Moraz Feingold, 19, from Kefar Veradim, was found to be a match for a bone marrow donation to an anonymous cancer patient. “I did not hesitate for a moment. If someone gives you a chance to take part in saving a human life – you don’t refuse.”pr bmr call bag 1489_ne_photo_ab7e0
It all started a year ago, on the day of Feingold’s induction to the IDF, when she voluntarily joined Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry, without having an inkling of what was to come. Four months later, she got a phone call informing her that she was found to be at least an 80% match for a bone marrow donation to a cancer patient. The tension was palpable. All she could think about during that period was what she referred to as her “mark”. Continue reading On the Roller Coaster for Life