A Shining Example

pr bmr Lieut Colonel Yossi CohenFor more than twenty years, Lieutenant Colonel Yossie Cohen has been involved in extensive military operational activity as, until recently, head of the General Staff’s Operations Brigade for the Southern Front. He was engaged in many a battle for his country and it was he who coined the names of operations “Protective Edge” and “Pillar of Defense.” Involved in life and death decisions, the few moments he had spent as a young man ten years before at the Ezer Mizion Registration Station, filling out a one-page form was certainly not in the forefront of his mind.   Continue reading A Shining Example


Because of You!

website bmr update templateIn October 2016 Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry facilitated 20 lifesaving transplants for a total of 2,288 lives saved!

Of these, 10 were made possible by funding from personalized donor pools.

Here are the sponsors who saved lives this month, and the total number of transplants done by their donor pool. Continue reading Because of You!


Israel’s Memorial Day: A Unique Commemoration

Israel flagAs Israel’s Memorial Day was ushered in, the sad memories of the families of fallen soldiers once again came to fore. David Sarel, currently a combat soldier in the Givati Brigade , was one of those. His older brother, Maj. Benaya Sarel, was killed in Operation Protective Edge in 2014. It was three weeks after David’s induction when his older brother was ambushed by terrorists at the entrance to a tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip.  Continue reading Israel’s Memorial Day: A Unique Commemoration