Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life: The Beeps Keep Coming

Linked to Life: We’re all connected!

We all remember what Purim was like. That special electricity in the air as we rush from house to house sharing treats and Purim joy. In the center of the Avenue, a rabbit dances with a lion to bouncy Purim tunes. On the next block, a miniature Mordechai gleefully rides a pony while being led by “Haman” announcing to the world, “Thus shall be done…” Many of Ezer Mizion’s  Linked to Life volunteers add another dimension to their holiday festivities by granting Purim wishes to people in need. Continue reading Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life: The Beeps Keep Coming


The Inaugurating of the New Netivot Building

pr Netivot bldg 2016 ok to use“I would wake up in the morning and my mind would begin to churn. Will the deal go through? Will Moishe remember his spelling for the big test today? Can we afford that vacation my wife wants so badly? That was before I attended the inauguration of the new Ezer Mizion building in Netivot and heard Chananya Chollak, Ezer Mizion’s founder, speak. His message was clear. We wake up in the morning and feel fine. Shouldn’t our first thought be: How can I help those that do not wake up feeling fine?”  Thus said an attendee of the inauguration of the new Netivot building who has since registered as an Ezer Mizion volunteer. Continue reading The Inaugurating of the New Netivot Building


Golden Volunteers





pr Golden Bat Yam volunteersFive Bat Yam retirees awarded the “Golden Volunteer” medallion for 2016 for their volunteer work in the community. Another 16 were honored for their volunteering

For the sixth year running, the “Golden Volunteer” ceremony was held in Bat Yam, as part of the schedule of events for “Retirees’ Month,” which salutes the senior population.

The highlight of the event was a film describing the retirees’ volunteer activities, including interviews with the people who nominated the awardees for the honor. Five seniors were awarded the “Golden Volunteer” medallion and another sixteen received certificates of honor.

The five recipients of the “Golden Volunteer” medallion were: Rabbi Yaakov Rozha, neighborhood rabbi, Reservist Lieutenant Colonel serving in the Military Chief Rabbinate, and a volunteer for Zaka (identification of terrorist victims); Chava Stern, community volunteer for decades in the Cancer Association, Akim, Ilan, and the Soldiers’ Benefit Association; Ruth ben Simchon, volunteer at the seniors’ day center; Mirit Dayan, volunteer at Wolfson Medical Center’s oncology ward; and Binyamin Abramov, volunteer at the Bat Yam branch of Ezer Mizion.


Because of You!

website bmr update templateNOVEMBER 2016 – BMDR ACTIVITY SUMMARY


33 lifesaving transplants
17 from personalized donor pools
2,321 total transplants
831, 388 members in registry Continue reading Because of You!


Learning Readiness

schoolEzer Mizion’s Advocacy Unit is happy to announce its new service: offering learning-readiness evaluations for a token fee, in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak.

A learning-readiness test is a specific, focused assessment, suited to the particular case and objective. It is conducted using up-to-date tools to evaluate capabilities, putting an emphasis on factoring in background information and personal impression made by the subject. It is geared for all elementary school students and includes a mapping out of the child’s cognitive abilities.

Following the evaluation, the child’s areas of strength and points of difficulty are identified, and initial recommendations for treatment and referral to professional therapists are given, as needed.


A Letter Meant for You, Our Dear Friends and Supporters

pr mental illness flower MB900445658Thank You – for Giving and Giving Some More

Dear Hinda!!!

The pen cannot express,

Nor words adequately bless

You – for giving without end

More than we even comprehend.

You gave from your warmest heart,

And melted ours from the start.

With your gentle and thoughtful touch,

You eased our pain so much.

May you merit for many more years

To do kindness with Hashem’s “special dears.”

And may Hashem endow you with your fill

As He grants those who do His will.

May you succeed in all that you do,

And may He grant all you ask to you!

With thanks and appreciation, admiration, and gratitude,

Yaffa K. (mother of Tully) and the entire family


A Letter meant for You, Our Dear Friends and Supporters

pr fileI am overflowing with a song of praise and thanks to Hashem, Who never brings a person illness or pain unless He first prepares the remedy…

Today, I learned first-hand that the remedy Hashem prepares before the illness is – Ezer Mizion, as represented by the esteemed tzaddik Rabbi Avi P, Yankie L, and Avi E, who carry out their volunteering mission on behalf of patients with tremendous dedication. Continue reading A Letter meant for You, Our Dear Friends and Supporters


Ezer Mizion Presents the “Yedid Nefesh” Initiative. Because Even Strong People Sometimes Have Weak Moments.


pr general helping hand saving from drowningYedid Nefesh – a project of Ezer Mizion: A telephone response to every caller coping with high-pressure situations, violence, caring for a relative with mental illness, crisis situations in the family, loneliness, depression, child-raising challenges, complex relationships, questions about teen issues, and more. Continue reading Ezer Mizion Presents the “Yedid Nefesh” Initiative. Because Even Strong People Sometimes Have Weak Moments.


When a Crisis Smashes the Family Unit to Smithereens

pr general bldg DG857322Did you ever watch a child build a block tower that you just knew was about to collapse? You understood   that if you move the green block a bit out and the blue one a bit to the left, it will balance but, otherwise, another block or two and the whole structure will come tumbling down. There in the edifice of chessed known as the Ezer Mizion building, ‘blocks’ are adjusted every day as staff members do their utmost to keep the family structure intact when a crisis hits. Rabbi Chananya Chollak, International Chairman of Ezer Mizion, and his key staff discuss the type of problems they deal with.

Let me tell you about a case we had a few years ago. A Down’s Syndrome child was born to a family and I was summoned to give the family encouragement. When I got to the house, I found both parents languishing in bed, in total depression. Continue reading When a Crisis Smashes the Family Unit to Smithereens