Step on the Gas!

Jeep Trip in Dishon for Women with Cancer

More than 20 women with cancer recently enjoyed a jeep trail in the North.

Sunny spring weather greeted the group, as they spent time in the bosom of blossoming, budding canc sup jeep trip for women 2013  1557_ne_photo_stories1_6b6e0 The sights, scenery, and perfect weather combined to give the participants an unforgettable experience.

Sarit wrote to our Facebook page: Continue reading Step on the Gas!


Best Friends

Best Friends
Best Friends

Meet Nana (L) and Yafit (R), new members of Ezer Mizion’s Rinat Bakshi Wildlife Pavilion .

The dogs are part of the innovative dog therapy program for young cancer patients.  They have truly become ‘best friends’ to the children living inside a nightmare of pain and terror. A research project on resident dog therapy is currently under way, funded by the Jetti, Aaron and Simon Blum Foundation of Switzerland.



The Purim spirit breaks through the gates of cancer

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From tiny tots to teens, tears turned to grins when community members shared their Purim day with kids at Ezer Mizion whose every moment is clouded by their battle with a monster named Cancer.



A Taste of Life

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What do cooking and cancer have in common?

Not much but at Ezer Mizion, anything that will bring pleasure to those dealing with cancer is incorporated into its program. Continue reading A Taste of Life


Happy Birthday To Me!

“Happy Birthday Dear Itzik Happy Birthday To Me. “pr Oranit Happy Birthday clown1521_ne_photo_stories2_5c6c1
Yup! This time it’s my birthday-my 49th – and I sure have a lot to celebrate. You see, I’m a professional clown. I perform at birthday parties and all sorts of events. I’m a happy person, and I thank G-d for whatever I’ve got — for my terrific family, my many friends, for the my special profession – bringing a smile to the faces of children –some who have very little to smile about. Continue reading Happy Birthday To Me!



A bright spot in the nightmare of battling a monster named Cancer

With our normal, day-to-day lives, we cannot imagine the anguish of the parents of a cute little boy dealing with a monster named Cancer. Even a nightmare can have its bright spot. Read how Ezer Mizion created that bright spot for little Shachar with the big, wide grin:

Six year old Shachar had a dream. Continue reading Dreams…


When the World Comes Crashing Down

I want to write a bit about Ezer Mizion, but first, I want say that no words sufficient to describe what my family and I feel about this special organization.

My name is E. and I am a

32 year-old mother of three.  A year ago I became ill with breast cancer, and my entire world came crashing down.  In the hospital I was told that there is an organization that organizes a summer camp for several days and I was asked if I want to come, together with my family. Continue reading When the World Comes Crashing Down


And Now There Are Three…

Four were waiting. Waiting for the genetic match to save their lives. One could wait no longer. And now there are three.

pr bmr Yosef KarchiliOn May 31, Ezer Mizion, the world’s largest Jewish bone marrow registry, held a drive in Israel. Hopefully, the new registrants will genetically match the dozens of Jewish cancer patients whose sole chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant. Continue reading And Now There Are Three…