Chemo Kills but…

In a special, personal column, Hadas Rosental, mother of 3-year old Moriah, speaks about her evpr bmr hourglassMH900234760eryday struggle with cancer in the oncology ward of the Schneider Hospital in PetachTikvah, about the challenges and the new life routine.

We’re starting the chemotherapy. What, now? Yes, yes, now. But we just got to the ward, and just did a biopsy, and she’s still weak. Continue reading Chemo Kills but…


Wings of Sensitivity

by Mati Cyber and Yaron Kellner


It was a very moving encounter: There, on the line-up square of the Chatzerim Military Base stood a young officer who just got his Air Force wings. Up in the audience sat the man whose life was saved, thanks to a bone marrow donation he received from the young general helping hand Continue reading Wings of Sensitivity


The Platoon Commander’s Gift

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Neri is a platoon commander. He watches over the lives of his men every day but this is the first time he has been instrumental in saving the life of a one-year-old. The baby had one chance to live-a bone marrow transplant. And Neri was a perfect DNA match. Neri is one of over 500 IDF soldiers who have saved lives not with guns but by donating their bone marrow so another Jew, somewhere in the world, can live.


The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis Speaks

Rabbi Ephraim and Valerie Mirvis with Ezer Mizion's Ofra Konikoff   Photo: John Rifkin

Rabbi Ephraim and Valerie Mirvis with Ezer Mizion’s Ofra Konikoff Photo: John Rifkin


By Charlotte Oliver, October 28, 2013

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis spoke at the Ezer Mizion gala dinner about the “remarkable examples of chesed” he experienced while visiting his late daughter in hospital.


Addressing a room of 250 at the Marriot Hotel in Grosvenor Square people Rabbi Mirvis said: “I’m standing here before you because our daughter Liora asked me to do whatever I can for the sake of Ezer Mizion. Continue reading The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis Speaks


A Reprint from Hamodia, Israel

Hamodia, Israel – September 2013 Section 2  


The Chessed Doers

Sharing the Burden

A glimpse at Ezer Mizion’s world of chessed. Volunteering with all their heart, with dedication and consistence

Serious illnesses, trying situations — There are those who immediately step forward, the minute they hear about such things * They are called Ezer Mizion and anything connected to illness and coping with it is their department * Ezer Mizion is the address for patients and their families * They stretch out a hand, ease the pain, calm the fears, and provide assistance, enveloping everyone coping with medical challenge in a soft blanket of ahavat Yisrael * Avinu malkeinu, our Father, our King, send a full recovery to the ill of your people!

By S. Yaakovson

Thousands of people, each one with his own story. Each individual is a world in himself, each family — a complex system that enters a difficult and painful period. Continue reading A Reprint from Hamodia, Israel


Partnership 5773: Yated Israel September 2013

Partnership 5773

The year 5773 draws to a close, and as is customary in companies and organizations at the end of the year, Ezer Mizion sums up everything that was done in all its divisions and prays for a better year in all respects.

pr bldg DG857317At Ezer Mizion, the year 5773 was characterized by significant expansion in all areas of help and assistance under the organization’s command. All this is thanks to Ezer Mizion’s dear partners, who gave the organization the ability and the strength to press forward in their work.

Ezer Mizion is now entering the thirty-fourth year of its activities. Continue reading Partnership 5773: Yated Israel September 2013


They Didn’t Mix Up the Test Tubes

Anat, the daughter of Jenny, who was saved thanks to a bone marrow donation from Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry, relates:
There is a 20-year difference between my mother and me. We have a ‘contract’, that she ‘retires’ at age 100, and I, at age 80 – and that way, we won’t miss our regular daily chat…pr bmr Anat 1238088_234219193397691_1339497794_n Continue reading They Didn’t Mix Up the Test Tubes


Death…and then Life by Meital Yasur Beit-Or, “Israel Today”

Yifat Brilliant, of Givatayim, underwent two traumatic experiences in one brief month. One culminated in death…the other in life.  Bewildered, distraught, she suffered the loss of her mother who had been a key figure in her life. She sat shiva and immediately upon her rising from mourning, a call came in. Is she able to donate bone marrow to save a life?  pr bmr Yifat Brillliant 2013 1667_ne_photo_stories1_7c766


Life and death intertwined. Yifat drew upon strength from deep within her and rallied to the need. Continue reading Death…and then Life by Meital Yasur Beit-Or, “Israel Today”