He Wasn’t There

It was his birthday but he wasn’t there. He would have turned 63 and his family and friends would have gathered together to show him how much they loved him. But instead, a different kind of celebration was held. The Gil Marks Donor Pool was launched at a small ceremony in the presence of Gil’s 89 year old active, perky mother, his brother-in-law, his devoted nephews and nieces and some greats from the fourth generation.pr bmr Gil Marks BMDP 11377360_505222539630687_6162092210845356200_n For his mother, especially, his birthday was one of the hardest days but made much easier by the knowledge that, in spite of the fact that he never married, the bone marrow donor pool created in his memory will be an everlasting legacy. It will save the lives of so many others –many of them children who will mature and produce the offspring that Gil never had.


Several months ago, Gil A’H lost the battle to cancer. A bone marrow transplant, often the remedy for many types of cancer, was not an option in Gil’s case. Continue reading He Wasn’t There


The Happiest Guy!

pr bmr samplesIn their pleasant, well-kept home in Har Yonah, parents Tova and Moshe Ben Simone look reverently at their youngest son David, a handsome soldier who, without a moment’s hesitation, donated stem cells to save a life. “I look forward to the day when I can meet the person whose life I saved,” says David. Continue reading The Happiest Guy!


Back to Life – Thanks to You


Sept. 21, 2014
Where do I start? For a full year, the sentences have been running through our minds – what to say when we meet and what to write so as to make it perfectly clear that we feel we owe you the life of our dearest loved one.
They say that “One who saves a single Jewish life, it is as if he saved an entire world.” Who can vouch for the truth of this statement more than we can? With your bone marrow donation, you saved our son, and in doing so, saved us as well – an entire family.
As parents, there is nothing more painful than knowing your child’s life is in danger, while you, the parents who brought him into the world, are helpless to save him.  Prescription bottles filled with colorful medications Continue reading Back to Life – Thanks to You


They Both Need their Abba

September 2014
Dear very special person,
First of all, we want to wish you a happy, good New Year and apologize that we did not write earlier. We did not know that we were allowed to write to you before a year had elapsed from the day of the transplant.
pr general hel;ioong hand in darkThis leukemia caught us in the middle of life, with a newborn baby and a little boy who asks lots of questions. Both of them need their Abba with them. Continue reading They Both Need their Abba


Watching Them Grow Up

“Last January was a very busy month for my husband, Dudi. He is manager of a software company, a job that keeps him busy every moment. He didn’t feel well, as if he had a lingering flu, but he simply didn’t have time to be sick. When the workload abated a bit, he took two days vacation, but he still didn’t feel any better. Prescription bottles filled with colorful medications Continue reading Watching Them Grow Up


Hope of New Life

To you, who with all your heart and with lots of love and good will have given me the hope of new life and health


Thanks also for the warm words in your letter, words that moved me and my family to tears.

With great joy I am letting you know that I was informed of the beginning of the transplant’s absorption and so – thanks once again!

My family and I wish you a life full of joy, success, health and happiness.

We hope that when the time comes we will be able to meet.

Until then, with all my heart,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!



Willingly and Graciously

Mrs. Bracha Zisser
Oranit – Ezer Mizion

Dear Mrs. Zisser,


After years of a protracted struggle against lymphoma, my remaining option was the possibility of a transplant from an unrelated donor.  Thanks to you and to the remarkable enterprise established by Ezer Mizion, a compatible donor was located for me.  During the course of the treatments I underwent, two additional donations were required.  You mobilized the effort to save my life and did whatever was necessary to cure me. You did everything willingly and graciously, but also with determination stemming from the mission you voluntarily undertook.

Words do not suffice to express what I feel these days, now that I am liberated from a prolonged period of hospitalization.  During this time there were more than a few difficult moments, and the bone marrow donations you organized for me with a willing heart, within a very short time framework, enabled me to recover.

I still have a long way to go, but I feel strengthened and hopeful about the success of the process.  This is in large measure due to your exceptional generosity and kind-heartedness, and to all the good people who helped – and first and foremost, you.

It is wonderful to know that there are still good people like you, who volunteer day and night, for the purpose of literally saving lives. May such good deeds increase and may a cure be found for all those in need of one.

With thanks,